“Upon further review…” – a look at the inaugural year of the coach’s challenge

referee no goal sign nhl hockey

Having completed a significant portion of this season, it seems like a good time to take a look at how the introduction of the coach’s challenge has been unveiling so far in the NHL. As of March 18th, there have been 226 coach’s challenges. Of those 226, 169 have been upheld while 57 have been overturned. This brings the success rate of a coach’s challenge to 25.2%. Of the 57 overturned calls, 54 were goals which were then switched to no goals. There were three “no goals” which were overturned to goals after being reviewed.

Although this may seem like a low success rate, the reality is that the coach’s challenge is serving its purpose. The point of the challenge is to not get the call overturned each time, but to make sure and validate that the goal in question is in fact legitimate. We have seen the usefulness of the coach’s challenge and how effective it can be in other sports, with the most noteworthy example being football. Tennis has the player’s challenge, but the principle is still the same – to reduce the margin of error in the sport as much as possible.

coach freak out tampa bay buffalo AHL
It also serves as a way to reduce moments like this. Click gif for full video.

There were also concerns that the implementation of the coach’s challenge would result in a lot of goals being overturned, leading to even fewer goals in a league that is already witnessing a drop in offensive productivity each year (a drop from 6.05 goals per game to 5.2 between 2005 and now). The coach’s challenge is definitely not the biggest threat to goal scoring. A lot of other other parts of the game, such as goalie equipment sizing, goal sizes and so on, should be addressed to increase scoring in the NHL instead of the coach’s challenge. Getting rid of the coach’s challenge to allow “illegal” goals to count is by no means a solution to the drop in goals in the league.

I for one have no problem with goals being disallowed if they are illegal goals. The coach’s challenge helps ensure that there is redemption for any missed calls. Hockey is an incredibly fast game with a lot going on at all times, and often times plays can be missed by referees and linesmen. They are only human, after all. The coach’s challenge helps take human error out of the equation, which only improves the validity of the game.

The coach’s challenge, in my opinion, should definitely stick around. It’s purpose and effectiveness has been clear throughout this season, and it only helps in making the game as consistent as possible. You can’t ask for much more than that.


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