About Drew



Like most Canadian kids, I grew up playing and watching hockey…until I fell off the bandwagon at the age of 10.

After a brief hiatus of 9 years, I laced up again and instantly got re-hooked on the great game of hockey. I got a job at my local rink sharpening skates on evenings and weekends, loving the atmosphere of the rink and meeting great people.

As a university student, I started writing about hockey for The Concordian, one of the university papers. After covering a couple of games and interviewing the coaches and players on the men’s hockey team, the role of the equipment manager, Stewie, really caught my eye. I started hanging around the team and helping out where I can. I was never technically invited to work with the team, I just kind of started…working. I end up going on road trips with the team, and all of a sudden I find myself in the team photos.

Concordia Stingers vs StFx X-Women, 4/16/2018

Three seasons go by and I’m graduating from Concordia, and I figured it was time to join the real world and get a career job. Get my own cubicle. Stand around the water cooler, saying “Mondays, am I right?”. A steady paycheque. So I did, but something felt off when hockey season came around. I still don’t know how, but I ended up back at Concordia with the women’s hockey team. Rejoining the hockey world was the best decision I have ever made.

Montreal Canadiens @ Boston Bruins, 4/10/2016

While working alongside Julie Chu and the Concordia staff for the past three seasons, I have had the opportunity to work with Hockey Quebec, the World Cup of Hockey, The World Juniors, Canada’s National Women’s team and the Montreal Canadiens. I’ve been on trips from Calgary to Germany, learning more and more every day about the incredible world of hockey. I’ve met inspiring people and incredible coaches, as well as seen a few games of hockey here and there. Ive also had the opportunity to work with some of the best equipment managers in the business, picking up the tips and tricks of the trade. Every day I go to the rink is a day I cherish, because I get to make a living doing what I love. I get to sharpen my skills as an equipment manager while continuing to meet great people who all share a love of the game.